Saturday, 23 April 2011

Pandit Library Opened on Tamil New Year 14th of May 2011

The long awaited online lending Pandit Library opened in Chennai on Tamil New Year 14th of May 2011. This is a new initiative from us to reach our esteemed readers.

Pandit Library has numerous categories like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thriller, Children, Health, Humour, Romance, Self-Help, Young Adult etc on Books section to reach different reading audience and to enhance our reading ability.  We also have different toys categories like Pictionary, Puzzle, Educational, Playing Toys and educational CD's  for children.  Browse, Search & Rentout your favourite Authors Book sitting at your home at very less monthly subscription. Our new online lending library delivers Books and Toys at your doorstep, so you can leisurely read Books and Play Toys without any due dates and no fines.

As we know “Change is inevitable” the old fashion lending library is now wiped off as readers don’t find time to visit library, stand and checkout their favourite author books. The average time per person to visit library and rent books takes 2 hrs per visit. If the lending library is near to your home then well enough, otherwise considering Chennai traffic to visit Books and Toys library is today’s big nightmare.

In today’s fast forward world , we get everything on our hands through internet and even readers are also looking same sort of solutions. So, joining our Pandit Library gives lot of advantages like No need to come to our library, Browse your favourite foreign and Indian author books online, Enhanced easy search options, Rentout Books and Toys in 5 mins, Free delivery at your doorstep and free pickup from your doorstep, Attractive  membership plan for your whole family, Very less monthly subscription etc.

Talk to our experts Today! Enjoy Reading and Playing!

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