Thursday, 26 May 2011

Improve Your Communication Skill

Communication is a form of language which you should gauge precisely and deliver to your audience. 

To improve that ability, we should follow below things:

1.     Read books other than text books eg. Self-Help Books.

2.     Communicate precisely what you are trying to convey.

3.     Do not make audience to guess your communication so do not use the doubt words like “may” “might”.

4.     Use positive language like “can” “will” etc.

5.     Speak assertively when you express your thoughts and opinions which will impact positive vibration in audience mind.

6.     Speak responsibly and own your words like “Yes I did”.  Especially, do not blame or show someone/them as a victim when you communicate.

7.     When you communicate something to a person or audience do not say like “I couldn’t help you in this issue” instead you can say “I will try my level best” or “I will try to sort out the issue”.

8.     Most importantly practice your voice with moderate tone, politely, enunciate etc.  For example: Take a role model of some speakers and speak like them that is easy and quickie way to achieve good communication skill.

Best communicator is always the best speaker to audience.

To achieve good communication skills join any library and start reading more...

Your Pandit Library Team

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