Sunday, 29 May 2011

Switch On Our Reading Skill

Post our college studies, due to hectic work pressure & time bound commitments we forget reading books in today’s life.   After our college when we think about reading books, only college books come in our mind.  However we never think about reading Self-Help books to motivate us regularly or Health books to know our health or Humor books to laugh at least for 5 minutes or so on…

Every month I wish to read at least one book but unfortunately I end up reading only 100 pages.  One day I asked about this to my colleague who always reads fiction or non-fiction books 2 to 3 hrs a day. In fact I was jealous about his consistent reading.  He asked me to dedicate 1 hour every day to read something and also pointed out if you can’t spend one hour a day to read, at least spend 3 hours a week.  This is a good start for beginners. As you dedicate yourself to reading then you will find time and finish a book in a month.  Suddenly I heard my mind voice telling “But I am not a beginner”.   After having a brief discussion with my friend I came to a conclusion that I would read 3 hours a week.  Here consistency plays an important role and procrastination is the neighbor of consistency.  When consistency comes in our life procrastination joins with him due to lot of things.  So we need to beat the procrastination first to achieve consistency every day to achieve the goal. 

Reading is a key tool to open our knowledge
Reading is a universal tool to open our ideas
Reading is a real tool to open new inventions to the world

How to switch on our Reading Skill?
A simple step is to buy a book or join books library and lend books monthly twice in whichever subject you are interested.   Still don’t find time to visit a library due to time constraint then Join online lending library who will deliver books at your home.  Take a ride on reading consistently without allowing procrastination friend.

Happy Reading! Happy Renting!
Pandit Library Team

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